Bird Proofing

  • Premium grade materials
  • Cost efficient and practical
  • Built to last
  • Fully customisable to suit any purpose
  • 40+ years of experience

Formsteel Bird Proofing Solutions

Nobody wants their assets and equipment tarnished with mess left by birds.  Not only does it make your premises look unappealing, but it can also lead to the deterioration of your structures and assets, while also being unhygienic. Fortunately, Formsteel is here to provide a simple solution for a messy problem!


As your answer for premium protection against the elements and nature, Formsteel has a range of solutions to keep your assets and premises protected from birds and other unwanted invaders. If you currently have a Formsteel purlinson building, we can provide you with a custom retro fitted bird proofing built to fit perfectly within your building. All retro fitted versions also feature an easy ‘clip in’ flashing, designed to create an angled surface that birds simply can’t perch on. This feature is available for all Formsteel 270 and 500 purlins.

Of course all new purlins purchased from Formsteel can also be manufactured and supplied with full bird proofing features. Our exclusively designed purlins are carefully constructed to nest together, providing a boxed section that eliminates room for birds to perch and increases your spanning capabilities. Formsteel’s plastic two part Purlindek profile blocks fit around the roofscrew and locks in, while we also offer plastic pan blocks for Purlindek profile accounting for any ridge and apron details.

If you’re experiencing issues with birds contributing unwelcome messiness to your workplace, Formsteel are here to help you resolve the issue. As your specialists in elite custom made steel structures, we not only manufacture and supply fully bird-proofed structures, but we can also provide assistance in the form of bird-proofing features for existing purlin structures. So get in touch with our team today and let us help you keep your work space clean and bird-free.

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