Formsteel has been providing Kiwis with premium grade kitsets and building components since 1972. As a Kiwi owned company, we conduct our operations right here in New Zealand, ensuring that we keep Kiwi suppliers and contractors busy. We believe in supplying our clients with building kitsets and components that suit their needs, are high quality, are high strength and extremely durable. With over 2000 buildings up all over the face of the earth including in the Pacific Islands and Argentina we are your number 1 choice for quality building kitsets and components.

"We’ve been in our purpose built factory at Marsden Port for a year now and I could not be happier with the building. It is a very sound and solid structure and performs well in the coastal winds and salty air we are exposed to here. The clean lines and tidy construction have given us a very functional building – a quality job well executed."

- Joe Wiid, Extrutec Ltd


We are unique in our ingenuity and innovation. This has lead us to being a number 1 choice for steel buildings with over 2000 buildings standing strong in NZ and around the globe. The high strength, high quality and clean airy feel of a Formsteel building has even lead us to supplying many kitsets to Argentina and the Pacific Islands! People are prepared to go a long way to get a Formsteel - This tells a story in itself! You can rest assured that every single component of your Formsteel building is manufactured in our very own workshop - from the main frame and plates, right through to the purlins and roofing - allowing us to maintain tight quality control over every element. This also enables us to deliver the entire building to the site precisely when required.


  • Up to 48m Clearspans
  • Up to 15m stud heights
  • Large or small buildings
  • High Strength
  • Fully Galvanized
  • Very Durable
  • 50 Year structural durability statement
  • We supply kitsets or components to any builder
  • Fast quote turn around
  • We can ship anywhere



When embarking on your next project, by choosing Formsteel products you will be provided with a unique approach tailored exclusively to suit your individual requirements.

When you choose Formsteel, a whole new spectrum of opportunities becomes available to you, so you can design your dream building. We will help you identify and include all the features necessary to make your business or operations run more efficiently.

VALUE - exceptionally good use of resources

PRACTICAL - no fuss approach to create what you need

VERSATILE - unlimited options to customise any building

STRENGTH - handles some of the toughest loads and uses

ATTRACTIVE - clean airy interiors with plenty of lighting



This is the key area where Formsteel distances itself from the competition. We offer you complete control over the height, width and bay sizes. Don’t be fooled and restricted by suppliers telling you that generic measurements will work best for you, when in fact it only benefits the supplier. With Formsteel, if you need it, we will supply it – simple.


Protect your unloading areas with Formsteel’s high quality canopies. Not only do we offer simple covering for outside areas, but our customised buildings can also feature full anti-bird perching and roosting in the design, providing your stock, staff and vehicles with protection, while also promoting improved hygiene for food related industries.


When we provide you with a roof, we take every precaution to ensure you are delivered a roof that won’t leak and that will perform well even in the most extreme of conditions. To achieve this, we use Purlindek as the roofing profile of choice, due to its unique properties that allows it to be laid at a low pitch while also coping with roof traffic.


To help you insulate your heat and prevent condensation, we utilise a silver/white foil faced reinforced membrane laid under roofing/walls over a safety netting. Other insulation types are available upon request and can be incorporated into the design, though this type is a minimum prerequisite for all commercial or industrial Formsteel buildings.


A large proportion of our clients choose to include division walls to divide up their premises. Whether you are looking to separate your office into departments or are simply looking to segregate a dusty area of the business, Formsteel have many solutions available for you to use. The simplest and more economical is our Purlindek long-spanning profile. This is available in gauges of up to 3/4mm thickness and will span from floor to ceiling (up to 8m high). For inter-tenancy walls and fire walls, we also have a large range of lightweight walls suitable for all needs and requirements.


What better way to protect your structure than by ensuring that every single component consists of fully hot-dipped galvanised steel. All Formsteel products have up to 450g of Zinc per square metre applied, whilst we only use the highest tensile grades available, ensuring that your structure is more than capable of enduring the harshest of environments.


We specialise in the design of mezzanine floors that not only provide you with more floor space than you would get with a basic ground level floor, but that are also designed to withstand heavy storage loads or crowd activities exceeding 500kg per square metre.


In order to achieve the softest and most attractive look possible, we supply Smartdek 5 rib profiles to the exterior walls of our buildings. We find that this blends in superbly with most other commercial and industrial buildings in New Zealand, while also giving good serviceability and protection against environmental elements.


All of our flashings and gutters can be produced using various materials, including Zinc Aluminium coated or colour coated coils. Heavy duty PVC downpipes are supplied as standard to ground level with all our buildings.


If you require a travelling gantry or monorail crane installed within your building frame, Formsteel structures are built with the strength to accommodate such features. We have supplied buildings with cranes of up to 10 tonnes in capacity, with multiple travelling beams.


Our building systems are designed to be able to work 100% in conjunction with tilt panels. This method of construction is typically used for protective and architectural reasons. Here at Formsteel, we make use of the cantilevered tilt panel method, where the panel is locked into the floor/foundations and will move independently of the framing. Our tilt panels have proven to be a popular means of vehicle and theft protection to the perimeter of a building.


NZ made and available in both Purlindek and Smartdek, these panels are perfectly suited for Formsteel’s building system and are laid in place of the steel, bringing natural illumination into the premises. Note that with extra light, it can sometimes lead to extra heat – a factor that we overcome by using a “tinting” in our products, that produces ideal working conditions without causing too much unwanted heat. We can also provide twin skin versions that prevents condensation from forming on the underside of any panels during cold weather.


Formsteel buildings allow for the inclusion of a range of door types. We find many clients prefer the conventional roller shutter doors, which are typically available up to 6m high and 6m wide with motorised or manual operation. We also provide larger door openings, such as hangar doors, which can be of dimensions of up to 20m in width. Our buildings also include a certain number of personnel doors to meet fire safety requirements. Our premium pre-hung steel or aluminium doors come with durable locks and hardware, suitable for years of continuous use.